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ODESI Count is a Property Management Accounting Software specialised in aiding Joint Management Bodies & Management Committees in managing the finances of STRATA Properties anytime, anywhere. From creating invoices & tracking cash flow to managing lot information & resolving discrepancies, ODESI Count was made to increase efficiency and work productivity.


Property Management Accounting

Be confident that your numbers will always add up

  • Manage payables, receivables and general ledger functions
  • Maintain escrow and trust accounts for all properties
  • Generate financial statements and click into transaction-level details
  • Track budgets and quickly identify problem areas
  • Get batch processing and advanced general ledger controls
  • Customize financial statements
  • Track job costs including budgets, supplier contracts, payments and retention

Accounts Payable

Streamline your invoice process

  • Track important vendor and invoice information
  • Attach invoices to payables for paperless record keeping
  • Create recurring payables and apply expenses with ease
  • Pay vendors and owners via check or EFT
  • Use approval workflows to automate invoice processing
  • Reduce errors and quickly approve payables on any device
  • Work faster with batch processing

Owner & Tenant Management

Impress owners with comprehensive reports and speedy payments

  • Onboard new owners in minutes
  • Manage properties by owner and fraction ownership
  • Customize report packets by owner or property
  • Generate pro rata statements with a few clicks
  • Share owner reports via email or secure portal
  • Calculate owner payments while maintaining stipulated reserve amounts

Integrated Solution

Monthly Accounting e-Filling to Commissioner of Buildings’ (COB) eCOB System
*Applicable in Selangor and Seremban

  • Real-time payment capturing - Integrated to Residence app, no more manual handling of invoice and receipt amount import/export
  • Alternative Real-time payment – Integrated to Cash and Cashless Payment Kiosk, automatic issuance of Original Receipt from Accounting System upon receiving payment at the kiosk


Problems with Conventional Accounting Systems

  • Sacrifice family time to check accounts after work or during weekends
  • Risk of stolen cash/mishandled equipment when checking finances at night
  • Difficulties in checking accounts as it is not installed in condo as majority of building service systems are installed in condo; while accounting system is installed in Property Management Company.
  • Lack of account transparency. Mostly relying on hard copy / power point prepared accounting presentation.
  • Hard to terminate Property Management company when they don’t perform. They might hijack condo account.


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